Friday, May 31, 2013

I believe in miracles

I have always believed in miracles, but it has new meaning when I stare into the precious faces of our two tiny miracles. Two miracles we weren't sure would ever happen, two miracles that entered this world eight weeks early but are such little fighters and amaze us with their progress every single day. Two miracles that came into our life eight days ago and filled in the pieces to a puzzle that wasn't complete until their arrival. Two miracles we call Sienna and Greyson, and the world as we know it will never be the same.

With that said, our little miracles are doing great. We spend any minute we can in the NICU hanging out with them, cuddling them for kangaroo time (skin to skin cuddling) and feeding, changing, weighing, and taking their temps. We have been enjoying every minute we have with them. Being in the NICU is obviously not how any parent envisions their child's first days, but the nurses and doctors are so amazing and are quickly becoming like family to us. It is so hard to leave them every night to come home and go to bed, but it gives us peace of mind to know they are in such good care.

Sienna and Greyson are now 33 weeks 4 days and they are practicing sucking and swallowing, working on maintaining their body temperature with the help of an isolette, and slowly gaining and sometimes losing weight. They are doing so well and are becoming more alert each day, are showing more interest in nursing and bottle feeds, and just wowing us with how strong such little babies can be. They usually tell you that babies in NICU can expect to be there until their due date and mine was July 14th. Sometimes babies do go home earlier, but they still have learning and growing to do. We are making the most of it, trying to get some sleep while we still can, and learning so much from the nurses about caring for our precious little miracles.

Monday, May 20, 2013

32 weeks!!!

Every week that passes is a blessing, but when I awoke yesterday to the chiming of my baby center app telling me I was 32 weeks, it may have been the sweetest sound ever, and the most excited I have been by a passing week.

As many of you know, a week ago today, I was admitted to the hospital after a routine doctor's visit. I was dilated and having contractions. After a 4 day hospital stay, I was sent home to continue bed rest. There is no way to know for sure why I was showing signs of preterm labor, but with twins, it isn't very uncommon. They were able to give me medication to help develop their lungs, slow down contractions, and prevent cerebral palsy, which can happen sometimes in premature babies. It was a very scary experience, but I am home and doing well and thankful to God that they were able to stay put for a while longer. I was very lucky to have had my mom and Rhett at the doctor's appointment with me. It was great to have them there. My mom had been in town for the weekend, but stayed through this past Saturday and helped get our place in order and cooked lots of great meals!

The doctors made us feel better in knowing that even if they were to come now, they will be okay, just need quite some time in the NICU. With twins, spending time in the NICU is not uncommon, so Rhett and I had kind of mentally prepared for this reality anyways. Each day that passes is a victory, and gives these precious sweet peas more of an advantage to facing the world.

I will be home until they decide to come ( which we are hoping is weeks away) and am on moderate bed rest which means I am allowed to move around to shower, cook a meal, move from bed to couch, so it isn't so bad at all. I stay put as much as possible, and don't get up often, but it is nice to know I can. Thanks to everyone who has called, texted, and helped out in various ways, especially my lovely hubby who runs all errands (even to motherhood maternity yesterday, what a guy!), takes good care of me, makes me laugh, and gives me so much love and support! Thanks to all our family and friends who we know are there for us in the blink of an eye. We love you all.


Wednesday, May 1, 2013

29 weeks!

I am 29 weeks (and a half)! Rhett and I have been busy getting ready for babies! Last weekend we had the nursery painted and it looks great! We had wonderful weather which made it easy to keep the windows open all weekend long! Now that the walls are painted we can put away the rest of the things and start hanging stuff!

I had an ultrasound yesterday and the little ones are growing away! Our little boy is now 3 lbs, 11 ounces and our little girl is 3 lbs 7 ounces! I basically already have a full term baby inside of me (when combining their weights)! They are looking great and we both feel so blessed to have everything going so well!

The heat we have had in the past couple days has made me a bit uncomfortable, but other than that, I am doing well. I can't believe I would ever not want to be in the hot sun, as I am pretty much addicted to it, but today was in the 80's and sunny and I drove home with the moon roof closed! I know, it is shocking!

There is 17 days left of school and then I plan to put my feet up all day everyday! We are hoping these little ones stay put until 38 weeks. We have a planned c-section on July 1st, but the twins might have plans of their own. Until then we are just enjoying every moment of this pregnancy, thankful for the wonderful gifts that have been bestowed upon us!


Bails, Rhett, Boomer, Bauer and the twins