Friday, December 18, 2015

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

To anyone who's known me a while, or knows me well, knows that Christmas is my favorite Holiday :) I love the season, the lights, the giving, the kindness, it's just the best! I think the only thing better than Christmas is now having Christmas with Sienna and Greyson. They don't really understand what Christmas is yet, but Sienna has defiantly noticed the influx of deliveries we've been receiving lately and she looks out for the UPS and FedEx trucks and says, "Mommy, what we gots?!" (It's cute now, grammar lessons can come later ;). We've been having fun getting into the Holiday Spirit with getting Holiday pictures done at the Lincoln Park Conservatory, trying to see Santa at Bass Pro Shops ( I know it sounds weird, but it's awesome, so awesome, it had a three hour wait so we walked around and left, these kids aren't waiting 3 hours for anyone, even Santa himself. We ended up seeing Santa at the mall, which they HATED, but hey, you just have to, right? The kids had fun decking the halls with us here at the house, but also like destroying the tree and said decorations just as much! We've baked cookies, made crafts, and just been having lots of fun! December has been unseasonably warm so we've even played outside quite a few times!

For Christmas we are headed to Ohio to spend it with my family. We'll be gone about a week and I'm super excited! That's all for now, and of course... PICTURES!!!

November Happenings!

November was a fun month with these two cuties! We visited a local indoor play place in the mall that the twins enjoyed, had a visit from Lolo, visited the zoo, and had our first Thanksgiving in our new house! Sienna and Greyson turned 2 and a half this month and are so fun to play and learn with everyday. I love trying to see the world through their eyes, seeing them interact with each other and the world around them is such a blessing and I am so thankful to have a husband who works so very hard so I can stay home with them. Here are some pictures of all the fun we had in November!

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Fall Fun!

Our first fall in the suburbs was been lots of fun! We went to the apple orchard for the first time and also the pumpkin patch! The kids had fun at both. Sienna and Greyson are both into farm animals, although Greyson is a bit more skeptical. Sienna likes to mostly call the animals by the sounds they make, moo, neigh, but her personal favorite is "piggy" which I think her Grandma Lolo may have passed down to her.

Fittingly so, for Halloween the kids dressed up as farm animals (a moo and and mommy and daddy were Old MacDonald and his wife with baby MacDonald on board! We went over to Uncle Robbie and Aunt Sarah's house, which is now like 2 minutes away, and got to eat pizza with cousin Lucy and cousin Maisy before visiting three houses, and then they were ready to pack it in! haha. It was a good time and Sienna enjoyed eating candy with daddy and helping pass some candy out! Greyson isn't really a candy fan so he just chilled and played, happy to strip his costume off :)

Not to forget baby to be this week baby turned 20 weeks and we had our big ultrasound and all looked great! This is the appointment in which we could have found out baby's gender, but we are going to be surprised!