Wednesday, December 16, 2015


Chicago is one of the best cities on Earth, so much do to, you can walk everywhere, great parks, great friends, but living in a small two bedroom condo with a dog and two kids who become more active everyday pose its issues. As much as it broke our heart to leave the city, we decided it was time. So back in June we rented out our condo and decided to rent a house out in Shorewood, which is a cute, quiet suburb south of the city. We aren't quite ready to decide where we want to end up long term so we are testing the waters first. "Lolo" came to help us move and was a serious lifesaver. I have no idea what we would have done without her! I hope to be the mom to these kiddos that she is to me!

So far the kiddos have loved the extra space, having their own rooms (which was desperately needed), a playroom, a yard, and a swing set (that daddy put together all by himself, so proud!) For the first time in over two years Rhett and I are getting a full night's sleep, as Greyson has finally stopped waking up at night, so it has been amazing!

Here's a few pictures of the kids enjoying the new digs:

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  1. Love it so glad these posts are back! It's really been remarkable how much we've seen them grow into the new house. Love the pictures and the memories already! Thanks for all you do LoLo!