Friday, December 18, 2015

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

To anyone who's known me a while, or knows me well, knows that Christmas is my favorite Holiday :) I love the season, the lights, the giving, the kindness, it's just the best! I think the only thing better than Christmas is now having Christmas with Sienna and Greyson. They don't really understand what Christmas is yet, but Sienna has defiantly noticed the influx of deliveries we've been receiving lately and she looks out for the UPS and FedEx trucks and says, "Mommy, what we gots?!" (It's cute now, grammar lessons can come later ;). We've been having fun getting into the Holiday Spirit with getting Holiday pictures done at the Lincoln Park Conservatory, trying to see Santa at Bass Pro Shops ( I know it sounds weird, but it's awesome, so awesome, it had a three hour wait so we walked around and left, these kids aren't waiting 3 hours for anyone, even Santa himself. We ended up seeing Santa at the mall, which they HATED, but hey, you just have to, right? The kids had fun decking the halls with us here at the house, but also like destroying the tree and said decorations just as much! We've baked cookies, made crafts, and just been having lots of fun! December has been unseasonably warm so we've even played outside quite a few times!

For Christmas we are headed to Ohio to spend it with my family. We'll be gone about a week and I'm super excited! That's all for now, and of course... PICTURES!!!

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