Saturday, July 9, 2016

Birth Week!

So this is the week baby is due! We decided not to find out the gender so we keep going back and forth on what we think baby might be! This week so far as been a little nutty! On Tuesday of this week we discovered a gas leak and had to go stay in a hotel while it was fixed! The twins got to meet some of Shorewood's Finest; the police and firefighters! I had to go in for a non-stress test and got to just sit and listen to baby's heartbeat which was awesome :). Baby looked fine but having been exposed to gas fumes they wanted to ensure everything was ok!
  Grammy, Rhett, Greyson, Sienna, and I all stayed at the embassy suites downtown to be close to my doctor and Rhett's work. The kids enjoyed playing in the hotel and visiting the "manager's reception" for snacks. We returned home a day later only to get the flu!! Never a dull moment! Baby will be here so soon!