Thursday, September 29, 2011

Here we go!!

This Monday Rhett and I went to see our Doctor at the fertility clinic for the first time since March. It was good to be back and feel like we are taking charge again and plowing forward. We got all our tentative dates and I went yesterday for my first ultrasound and blood work. All looks good, so I was started on birth control pills ( I know seems counterproductive, but it suppresses hormones and gets the uterus ready for the many meds I (read, Rhett) will start injecting in me in late October. We are set for a embryo transfer date of November 22nd, if all goes as planned! Our Thanksgiving will once again be spent in our small condo with a turkey for one ( as many of you know I'm a strict vegetarian of about 17 years) as I will be on bed-rest the days following the transfer. It works out great though because I won't have to take any days off work!
As I prepare for the big day I'm starting to get my body ready for welcoming our three little embies. I'm trying to eliminate processed and fried foods and eat lots of fertility friendly foods. I'm cutting out all running (even though it hasn't happened in a while since I stopped training) and I am starting a Yoga for Fertility class every Sunday with other women going through the same obstacles we are. I'm excited to start practicing yoga and hopefully make some new friends too! I think being around other people who are facing similar struggles will be a great source of comfort.
In the coming month and a half I'll do my best to update often and keep you all in the loop! Please start praying your hearts out that this is the last time we go through all this and that God will bless us with the greatest gift in the world!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Breaking Bank for Baby(ies)

For the past three years the hardest part of our infertility struggle has definitely been (obviously) the trying and trying to have a child to no avail. I would say the second hardest part has to be the financial toll it takes on you as well..

Making a baby is supposed to be free, but we've quickly learned that if any obstacles are put in your way, i.e. when infertility rears it's ugly head, it is anything but. At Rhett's past job we were fortunate enough to have amazing insurance that covered almost everything with very small deductibles. Now though, we find ourselves with no insurance for infertility. I find it infuriating that insurance policies can get away with not covering this, to me having a child is a normal human function, and if it can not be performed should be treated as any other medical condition. I don't think that they would deny someone mental health services. Not being able to have a child definitely takes it's toll on your mental health. Pay up now insurance, and save yourself money down the line... anyways, I digress.

Rhett and I have three "snow babies" (as we like to call them, the technical name is frozen embryo, I like snow baby) and have decided to do a frozen cycle and put them all in and pray for the best. With no insurance coverage we will be paying for everything out of pocket, which is going to make us tighten our belts significantly, and definitely impact our lifestyle ( I guess I have to start cooking and stop shopping). We are willing to take on this financial burden to fulfill what to us, is our biggest life goal. Endless nights of mac n cheese, redboxes, and a last season's clothes will be a distant memory when we have our little precious baby or babies. So here's to a tight budget and a bright future!

Friday, September 9, 2011

My Next Thirty Years...

I remember listening to the song "My Next Thirty Years" by Tim McGraw when I was younger and thinking 30 sounded old, and well so far off... but here I am sitting at my kitchen table drinking coffee (took the day off work)and realizing that 30 wasn't so far off after all. I am it and it is me.
Looking back on my past 30 years I realize how blessed I've been, a wonderful mom and dad that love me, two great brothers, and the most adoring, caring, supportive (and handsome) husband a gal could ask for. Now that I'm starting a new era I'm looking towards my next thirty years and I wonder what's in store for me. I hope and pray that soon God will bless us with a child, I'd like to pursue my dream of writing, and stop complaining (not sure which will be harder, the having a child or not complaining, ha).
One goal that you all know about and have supported me in, is my dream to run a marathon. It is with a heavy heart that I announce to you all that I've decided not to run the Chicago Marathon. There were many factors that came into play when making this decision, and believe me, it wasn't an easy one to make! When the school year started, I was working crazy long hours that was inhibiting me from keeping to my running schedule during the week. There were weeks that I was not running at all during the week and jumping in and running 16 miles on a Saturday. This in turn has caused me to suffer a lot of back and knee pain. In conjunction to the aches and pains, I'd been feeling more tired than I ever had in my life. I at first contributed this to chasing 6 and 7 year olds around again for 7 hours a day. After a while though, I realized this was a whole new kind of tired. After some bloodwork it was found my thyroid is not properly functioning. My doctor said that this can further negatively impact my fertility (really?!?) so I've been put on medication to help regulate this problem. My optimistic mom says perhaps this is the ticket we'll need to get preggers! So to make a long story short, it seems as though the intense work outs were not boding well with me, and I made what seems to me like the hardest, but most responsible choice I could. I can't thank you all enough for the generous contributions you made to support me, and please know 100% of your donations have gone to help sick children (and are tax deductible :) ) regardless of whether I run the race or not.
So on to bigger and better things...For my birthday, Rhett bought me a bunch of fertility books that we're going to read together and hope to start treatments again soon! Taking a break from treatments has been wonderful for us, it gave us time to relax, focus on us, and de-stress. Lately though, I think we've been getting the itch to take charge and plow forward again. So it's true what they say, one door closes and another opens... So cheers to my past thirty years and on to my

next thirty years filled with hopes, dreams, and maybe the pitter patter of little feet..