Thursday, September 29, 2011

Here we go!!

This Monday Rhett and I went to see our Doctor at the fertility clinic for the first time since March. It was good to be back and feel like we are taking charge again and plowing forward. We got all our tentative dates and I went yesterday for my first ultrasound and blood work. All looks good, so I was started on birth control pills ( I know seems counterproductive, but it suppresses hormones and gets the uterus ready for the many meds I (read, Rhett) will start injecting in me in late October. We are set for a embryo transfer date of November 22nd, if all goes as planned! Our Thanksgiving will once again be spent in our small condo with a turkey for one ( as many of you know I'm a strict vegetarian of about 17 years) as I will be on bed-rest the days following the transfer. It works out great though because I won't have to take any days off work!
As I prepare for the big day I'm starting to get my body ready for welcoming our three little embies. I'm trying to eliminate processed and fried foods and eat lots of fertility friendly foods. I'm cutting out all running (even though it hasn't happened in a while since I stopped training) and I am starting a Yoga for Fertility class every Sunday with other women going through the same obstacles we are. I'm excited to start practicing yoga and hopefully make some new friends too! I think being around other people who are facing similar struggles will be a great source of comfort.
In the coming month and a half I'll do my best to update often and keep you all in the loop! Please start praying your hearts out that this is the last time we go through all this and that God will bless us with the greatest gift in the world!!

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  1. We will be praying for you guys and for your three precious snow babies! Sounds like you are doing a great job making sure they have a comfy home to live in for 9 months! :)