Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Life's Little Miracles

So moving is a busy, stressful, sleep stealing, all out crazy time! In all the craziness I started to feel sick about a week after moving in, and naturally thought I had the flu, but when a week passed and I still didn't feel better I decided to pick up a pregnancy test at the store. I still remember going to the store on a Wednesday night, a few days after the 4th of July, after the kids were asleep. I ran into the bathroom and took the test as Rhett was out walking Bauer. When he returned, I was sitting on the couch but decided to go in and just see for myself it was negative, because seriously, how could that even be? Well, negative it was not! I ran out and flashed it at Rhett (ok, gross, I know, I had just peed on it.) Rhett was like, seriously, that can't be! Well be, it was! We are shocked, thrilled, and excited to announce that in the end of February the Stenzel Crew is growing to 5. Who thought that after six years of fertility treatments we'd get our own little "surprise"! So far, the pregnancy has been going great, except for some pretty awful morning sickness, so it was so nice to have Jan in town for the summer, as she helped out a great deal with the twins! A few first trimester bump pics, first, ultrasound, and announcement pics! We announced on my birthday!

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  1. Such a blessing! I was so surprised and amazed that it just validated us getting a bigger space as now we have room for the nursery!!! You're an adorable mommy and make the best host for our little one on the way! Love you babe and so excited for the new addition, boy or girl we are so blessed!