Saturday, May 12, 2012

WAY overdue!

So I am sitting here in the quiet of my house, drinking my coffee and listening the the rain fall outside. There are a million things I should probably be doing; going to work out, clean, laundry, but the gloominess of the weather outside is silently telling me this weather is meant for laziness, so for now, I will embrace it ( until later when I freak out that nothing has been crossed off the to-do list, ha)

It has been such a long time since I have blogged, and it is way overdue. The end of the school's year is quickly approaching on May 25th, and it's craziness has consumed me, and not left me with much else on my mind! So here is a quick recap on what has been going on.

The trip to Saint Louis to see Ross and Brea, was rebooked to last weekend due to Rhett's crazy work schedule. We got to see their new house, which is gorgeous, and left us quite envious of a having a yard! They had a fabulous Cinco de Derby party and we were able to meet some of their friends, play some bags, and dance to some old school tunes ( when I say old school, I refer to the 90's, and early 2000's).

I have been frequenting the fertility center for lots of blood draws and one ultrasound. After weeks of waiting and our genetic results are in, we are fine! We are not passing anything on genetically abnormal so we are free and clear to start our IVF. I have started the birth control pill to suppress my hormones ( I know it seems a bit counterproductive, but that is how all IVF's are started) and will begin my shots on June 6th! I could have started them earlier, but we are going to Riviera Maya, Mexico on May 29th through June 5th, and decided having to pack needles, and run back to the room for shots, might not be the most relaxing thing to do on our trip.

In other news, my maternal grandmother, AKA Mamma, has been in the hospital for the past few weeks due to a tear in her aortic valve, through a stint they were able to repair the tear and she is doing so much better. I am so relieved she is okay, as I can't wait for her to hold and meet our precious little on someday soon. I hope all is well with everyone, enjoy your weekend, rain or shine!

Rhett deciding between beer and sangria.. life is hard!

Rhett loves dancing with dogs!

Rhett and I in our Derby Attire!

Ross and Brea!

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