Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Summer of Selfish

I think that the word selfish to most of us, screams negativity. I do feel that sometimes being selfish is good, and a key to our sanity in fact. At times in life we start almost losing sight of ourselves and our own needs which negativitely impacts us, and in turn most likely those around us too.

Rhett and I have put our want to have a baby before our own needs and wants and haven't done much for ourselves in a while. So we have dedicated Summer 2011, as "The Summer of Selfish". We are doing things for ourselves, taking trips, and in cases spending money we probably should be saving, but hey, you only live once, right? We are kicking off the Summer of Selfish in two days where we jet off to Mexico for a week, and we can't wait! We are looking forward to relaxing and enjoying the "all inclusive" life for a week, followed by a few short weeks later we are headed to California for a friend's wedding in Sonoma, where we look forward to some Vineyard Tours and good times with friends!

Tonight we are headed downtown to a friend's wedding and so far it's looking like a beautiful day! I thank Rhett for my new spin on life, my type A, saving, planning, almost obsessive personality hasn't afforded me the luxury of being carefree,or dare I say, selfish? He's taught me to let go, and focus on all we have in life and call we can do instead of what we don't have and what we can't do. So I'd like to raise my coffee cup (as it's only 8:30 here but soon to be replaced by a Margarita in a few days!) to living life, to my wonderful husband, and to being selfish! Have you been selfish today?

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  1. Have Fun you two, you have earned a little "selfishness" and I think its high time you relax, enjoy each other and a few things you haven't been able to enjoy. But don't lose sight of your goals and aspirations, a great deal of satisfaction can be gained by striving together to accomplish those things all the while learning and getting to know even more about each other. As we say here in Arizona "It's 5:00 o'clock somewhere which means its cocktail hour" So hoist a margarita and live, love, laugh and maybe even cry some tears of joy. Now your living kids.

    Dad S