Monday, August 1, 2011

13 going on 30

This past weekend I ran 13.5 miles with my training group and although it was hot and my knees were hurting a little bit, I felt great. In between getting to know you chats with my fellow running group members I reflected on the current journey I'm on in life. For some reason or the other at about mile 7 I realized, I'm going to be 30 in a little over a month and I felt my heart flutter a bit. What about my life's checklist? I have so many prior to 30 check boxes unchecked, mainly my "be a mom" check box pulling at my heart the most. I realized that running a marathon was not ever on that list ( I swore only crazy people ran marathons) and although it won't be checked off prior to my 30th but will be 31 days after, so there's that.
At lunch with Rhett later that day I told him my epiphany while running and told him, although I'm only halfway through my training I feel empowered and accomplished. I CAN run 13 miles, I WILL run 26.2, and I'm almost 30. It turns out maybe I should add things to the list and check them off as I go, turns out focusing on what you can do is a whole lot better than what you can't. If if I can run 13 and I'm going on 30... then I can hopefully still check off that baby box someday, I believe in my body, maybe it and God just have a check list of their own.

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  1. I am so wowed by your writing. I have tears you touched my heart. You are so talented and eloquent! Love you keep.on writing!b