Thursday, March 29, 2012

Spring Break!

Teaching has many benefits. The chance to see children learn and grow, the satisfaction and rewarding feeling to know that everyday you are making a difference, oh and winter, spring, and summer breaks!
My Spring Break started last Friday and Rhett and I headed off to Arizona to see his parents. We had a wonderful time, soaking in the hot tub, basking in the sun, catching a Cub's Spring Training game, and best of all, visiting with Rhett's parents, grandparents, and aunt! We had such a wonderful time and were very reluctant to leave family and the amazing weather. We got back Tuesday night and I have been slowly trying to unpack and get this place in order ever since!
This Spring has felt a lot like summer, and has pushed me to get out the door and back into running which has felt absolutely wonderful! I'm feeling like my old self and have learned that although I do want to get pregnant and the eastern side of medicine says that running is a big no-no, I feel that if it keeps me sane and happy, that has to be a good thing! Spring is in the air, a sign of life, happiness, and hope of what's to come. I hope everyone is enjoying their spring too!

Rhett's Parent's dog, Buddy Sun Bathing!

Rhett at the Cub's Game


  1. So glad you guys had fun! We will have to get together and catch up soon. Lulu says "hi Aunt Bails!"

  2. You had fun ??? We had a blast and it was so nice and easy having the two of you are welcome anytime and we look forward so eagerly to the time we can share the company of two very special people and two of our favorite people who are one in the same.

    Love Mom and Dad S

  3. Buddy say Woof !! Woof !! to his boy Boomer and to the little guy Bauer......Bitsy says Hi too and wants them to know that she and Buddy are enjoying the Sun....