Monday, June 18, 2012

Put a Fork In Me- I'm done!

Well, I got the call today, and it's go time! Tomorrow morning we will arrive at the fertility center for our 8 a.m. egg retrieval! It is a fairly simple procedure,that I won't remember, as they put you under for it. I will most likely blurt out odd things, as I did last time, as I come out of the medicated blur. Rhett has said he might have to tape me, I did not oblige, haha.

We will get a call after the egg retrieval, usually in the day following, to let us know how our little embies are doing. Then, we will have our transfer either three days or five days after tomorrow, depending on how they are sustaining in the petri dish. We are both so excited that it has finally arrived, and my ovaries are too. Carrying around 20 plus follicles takes it's toll on a girl and it was getting a bit uncomfortable! I will be sure to keep you updated! Thanks for all the prayers!

Here are some pics from this weekend:

Rhett ran in a warrior dash on Sunday:

Rob and Sarah had us over to celebrate Father's Day, We gave Lucy a necklace like one I have that she adores and a doll from Mexico, I think they were both a hit!


  1. Best wished for the future. I love you both so much - Dad Williams

  2. Good luck you too! Keep us posted! My fingers are definitely crossed! Julie Hefner :-)

  3. Soon all things will be as they should be....all our love on you and those embies.....