Monday, October 29, 2012


Hope is a wonderful thing. It fills you with warmth, with promise, with light. It is the voice inside your head that says if you want it, you will get it, you may have to wait, there may be pain, but if you keep your faith and hold onto your hope, someday, it will all be okay.....

Rhett and I have never lost hope, even on our darkest of days, the most disappointing of moments, we have never let the thought consume us that we won't be parents. We just can't buy into that thought. Even in the midst of our fifth IVF I refuse to let the shadows of previous cycles loom over me. I a pregnant until proven otherwise. I already find myself rubbing my belly and thanking God for the blessings inside me. I believe in the power of positive thinking and I am willing my embies to burrow and stay safe.

Friday was our embryo transfer. We woke up bright and early! Rhett had taken the dogs out and was sitting on the couch and I came bounding out of the bedroom proclaiming, "I'm too excited to sleep!" (My fav quote from an adorable little boy on a Disney World commercial years ago) He asked if he could take me out for a pre-pregnancy breakfast and I obliged ( I never turn down food) We went out to a cute, organic diner down the road from our fertility center. We enjoyed a breakfast filled with lots of laughs and excited talk about our impending procedure. Once at the center we were called back, and before we knew it, three amazing embryos popped up in the screen and then they were placed in me, and it was done! We headed to acupuncture and thanks to the valium we added to this cycle I came home and slept most of the day! My mom arrived Friday night and her and Rhett took great care of me, feeding me, cleaning the house, and most importantly making me laugh! I am one lucky girl!

I am now 4 days past embryo transfer. Today is around the time when the lil ones should be implanting. I try not to read into any symptoms because most of the meds I am on mimick pregnancy symptoms, but I have been extremely tired and yesterday was very nauseous and even threw up. I didn't feel like I had the flu, so I am hoping it was hormones doing their work! I have been very sore in my low back and lower hip regions where the monster needles are injected. This cycle we added blood thinners, which can help with implantation. Those needles go in my belly and they hurt like a um... they hurt. I keep telling myself it will all be worth it! This is my last day of bedrest and I am taking it easy cuddling with the boys, watching tv and already had a nap. I am not a napper and I have had one everyday since Friday!

Thank you all for your calls, texts, messages, cards, etc. You have helped me keep the hope. Let's keep on hopin' together!

our cute lil embie trio


  1. Well put Bails, hope is a wonderful thing. I love you very much and the hope is alive and well until it happens for us! Looking forward to the next 9 you and I know where those three get their good looks!!!

    For all those who need a refresher on the "Too excited to sleep kid" here you go:

  2. Here's hoping, and praying, and using every lucky charm we have, all our love darling.

    Bob and Jan