Thursday, February 21, 2013

19 weeks!

Well it is safe to say, that my nesting mode has offically kicked in! We got our cribs and changing table, and Rhett put them together! The second room is now a nursery! We still have a lot to do, such as adding a new paint color, curtains, and rug, and I need to find a glider, but there is still lots of time for that!

In other news, I am 19 weeks and 5 days, so I am a little late on the blog post, but better late than never! We had our big ultrasound this week where they looked closely at each twin to study their organs, growth, heart rates, etc. It all looked great! The only thing that was noted was one of my placentas is a bit low so it just means no lifting,running, etc. Which is all fine by me right now! The doctor said that it isn't anything to worry about, it can just mean that I might have to have a c- section, which with twins is pretty common anyways!

The twins are a really great size, they are the each the size of where a single baby would be right now, which means they are REALLY big for twins, so the doctor was quite pleased with this. I felt like perhaps I was getting big a bit fast but when I heard this news, I knew it was all for a great cause! I will continue to work on growing some big babies!

They aren't just making their presence known by increasing my ever growing bump, I feel them move around a lot! It is like a twitch or flutter, not really a full on kick, but that will happen soon. I can't wait to see the look on Rhett's face when he feels these little miracles for the first time!

We still pinch ourselves and are so excited our miracles are doing well, we can't wait to meet them soon. As always thanks for your love and support. We can't wait to share the gender reveal with you on March 2nd!


Here are the proud big brothers helping Rhett with the cribs:

Here they are checking out the structural soundness, we put a blanket down, don't worry, no doggies germs!

Here is baby A, this isn't the name initial it refers to which baby will leave mommy first!:

Here is baby B, the B is not for boy or an initial, it means this baby leaves second:

My 19 week bump pics:


  1. What a good looking family, glad the babies got Momma's looks! I love you Bails, keep those babies safe and give them a great home for the next 18 weeks or so, I'll do everything I can to make that happen!!! You look amazing!!!



  2. Both the Children are so angelic looking and by angelic yes this proud Grandpa means beautiful they obviously take after their Mother and father. Each time we see them we gain a greater understanding of the miracle of "God's Handiwork". Love you all and the Big Brothers as well they look like they may enjoy that bed so don't let them get too comfortable. Boy is their life going to change Oh My Goodness.

  3. So happy for you Bails! You have the beautiful pregnancy glow!! All my love to you both xoxo