Sunday, February 3, 2013

17 weeks!

So I am supposed to be blogging every week and posting a pic every week, but that hasn't really happened. I am feeling a lot better, am getting more of an appetite, just have been so tired! The little ones are growing a lot and I have been feeling a lot of stretching lately!

Rhett and I have been busy getting our place ready for baby while I am still feeling okay. We have gotten rid of our guest room furniture and have a changing table, and a storage unit in the nursery so far! I have been looking at paint and we ordered the cribs, which should arrive next week! I know that I am doing everything way early, but figured if I am feeling motivated to do it, might as well! We are so excited to meet these little ones and are both so in love with them already!

In March we have two showers! One here in the Chicagoland area on March 2nd and one in Cincy later in the month on March 16th. We are looking forward to sharing the genders of our little ones on March 2nd! It seems like time is just flying by, it is hard to believe that I am already 17 weeks! We feel so blessed and sometimes I still can't believe that our dream has finally come true!



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  1. Bailey you are so cute. The babies are so lucky! Cant wait to meet them. May God Bless you ,Rhett and the babes!
    Love Aunt Cheryl