Thursday, April 4, 2013

25ish weeks!

So I was 25 weeks on Sunday, which means I am closer to being 26 weeks than 25, but I did take my pictures two days ago, so I figured it was time to post!
Time has been flying by! Last week was my Spring Break. It started off with me coming down with a really bad cold that kind of knocked me out. It was nice though to just relax, sleep in a little, lay around, and start putting stuff away in the nursery. There is still a ton to do, like paint, put up curtains, hang prints, but things are finding a place and we can walk in there without tripping over stuff now, so I'll take that as progress!!
Yesterday Rhett and I went to our first child birth class. It was at Northwestern, where we will deliver, and it was cool because it was a class just for parents of multiples! All the couples except for one, were having twins and one couple was having triplets!! We thought we were going to have our hands full. We learned a lot, I got a little queasy watching the birthing video, but beyond that it was good. We are both exhausted though because it was 4 hours long and ended at 9, so that was very late for me to get to bed!!

The kiddos have been super active and are moving all over the place! I just look down at my stomach and it's like watching a tidal wave, they both like me to know they are there, I think they are going to have some adorable little personalities!

Well that is all for now, hope all is well with everyone!

Bails, Rhett, and twinsies

Here are my 25 week pics, I have started getting asked if I am due any day now, I just look surprised and say, "I'm not pregnant." (only kidding, but how funny would that be?!?!)


  1. Looking good girl, you make pregnancy look good! Love how Boomer just had to make it about himself and photobomb the second picture! Love you honey, keep giving our little ones a great place to live!!!

  2. I continue to be so super excited for you guys! Thanks for sharing these sweet little details. Your munchkins will love reading them one day, too. If you can, print them off for their baby books or something. I'm sure Pinterest has ideas. Anyway, keep on feeling great. Thinking of you!

  3. Great News and Great Pictures Bailey. You look great so Rhett must be doing his job. Hopefully, I can see you two next week when I am in town, but we will leave that to you and the little ones as I know how tired they can make you. Love to the 4 of you, and give Boomster (the little ham) and Bauer a pat on their heads and a pet.