Wednesday, April 17, 2013

27ish weeks!

From my fav lady, Erma Bombeck:

On Sunday I was 27 weeks. 27 weeks? Seriously? It seems like just yesterday I took a home pregnancy test on a Friday, then ran to the bar where teacher happy hour was taking place to pass around a picture of the test to my friends from school, too excited to hold it in.

It is crazy how fast time flies, and how so much can change in a year. It was only a year ago that I was gearing up for another IVF cycle, and then another after that, wondering, praying, and hoping that sometime would be our time. It is so true that God works in mysterious ways, and that He has a plan for us all. I am so glad that these two precious babies are in the plan for us.

27 weeks, which would mean 13 weeks left if I were having one baby, but a maximum of 11 since we are having two miracles. I am so excited to meet these little angels, but I also am loving being pregnant. I promised myself long ago that I would try not to complain about pregnancy too much, after all, it is something I only dreamed would happen to me someday. So I take everyday as a blessing, run to the mirror and check out my bump every morning, just to make sure it wasn't all some amazingly fantastic dream.

As far as pregnancy goes, I really can't complain. Some heartburn, sure, some aches and pains here and there, yes. But I am sleeping quite well, the babies are doing amazing, and I have a doting husband who helps makes life so much easier, so life is good, pregnancy is good, and God is good.

On Friday we had an ultrasound and Rhett and I both took days off work so we could go together. The babies looked great, and they are both measuring ahead of where a singleton would even be! 2.6 pounds each thank you very much! These kiddos love to eat, and I hope they keep growing big and strong everyday! They are both breech, and their two little heads are snuggled up next to one another, so adorable. So it is looking like a c-section but they still could turn, but with twins, a c section might not be such a bad thing after all!

Tomorrow is Rhett's birthday, the most important day of the year in my opinion, the day the most selfless, caring, funny, hard-working, smart, and handsome man in the world was born. The man I am lucky enough to call my husband and our little miracles are lucky enough to call daddy.

Here are my 27 week pics: Yes, I am asked everyday if I am due any day now!! The babies are the size of cauliflowers, but I can't draw, hence why they look like really large grapes..

Here are some ultrasound pics. A is baby boy, B is baby girl! The one pic that says A and B in it is their little heads nestled up next to one another!


  1. Happy Birthday to Rhettie! And you look GREAT! Can't believe how big the babies are getting. Can't wait to meet them!!!

  2. Bailey you are just Radiant and it was so very nice to have seen you and Rhett on his birthday. I cannot begin to explain the joy I feel each time I am with you and Rhett and the babies. It truly supports my long standing belief that good things happen to good people its just not ours to reason the whys and the whens. By the way I hope you meant 26" each because if they are both going to be 26 lbs sweetheart you are going to explode !!! Love, Laughs, and joy to the four of you.

    Dad S