Monday, November 12, 2012

Hip Hip Hooray!

Well, I worried for nothing, as many of you were telling me, (Rhett included). I got the call and my numbers were beautiful! The were right where they should be so we couldn't be more excited! Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers! Now we are onto our ultrasound on Thursday! We can't wait! Maybe we will even see how many there are!

Have a good night!


  1. What Blessed news, keep smiling and thinking happy thoughts pretty little lady, and I can just see the grin on Rhett's face, great news can't wait until Thursday.

    Dad S

  2. Congrats aunt Bailey and uncle Rhettie I really am so fired up as I promised mom and dad I would be the best cousin ever! My dad is the most excited of all he read the blog and actually teared up quite a bit. Give my little cuz(s) a fist bump for me!



  3. Yeah. So happy for the good news! When you are anxious, we all are. Sending lots of positive thoughts your way for the journey you have ahead of you. Looking forward to giving you a big hug on Saturday!
    Mary Beth