Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Every year I make resolutions and I break them. So this year I am keeping it simple. Blog more. I logged in today and saw the last time I posted was November 30, more than a month ago. For those of you that have facebook, you have seen some of my updates on there, but I know not everyone is on facebook and so I vow to try to blog more often.

This past week I turned 12 weeks! This was such a blessing. I had an ultrasound yesterday and everything looked perfect. I feel so lucky to be at the 3 month mark and to have these precious little, healthy babies growing inside me!

The past three months have been filled with joy, morning sickness, exhaustion, and excitement. Rhett and I are so over the moon and are so excited for this summer when we get to meet our precious little ones.

Many people have asked, and yes, we are going to find out the genders. Both of us feel it is a boy and a girl, but those suspicions will be confirmed at our 20 week ultrasound. We haven't planned anything yet, but would like to have a gender reveal party in which we have the doctor place the genders in two envelopes and we give the envelopes to a baker ( or my friend Christa, if she still wants to, haha)to make cakes with the appropriate blue or pink insides and we will cut the cakes among our family and friends and find out together. We can't wait to find out, we are going to happy with whatever they are, we are just hoping for two, healthy, big, babies!

We spent Christmas at home in Cincy with my family and enjoyed many good laughs, good food, and relaxation. Poor Rhett received a gift he wishes he could return... a nasty cold. My mom was sick as well too. Fingers, crossed, I have been okay so far.

I hope that all of you had a Merry Christmas and hope that 2013 is the most wonderful year yet, Rhett and I are sure it will be our best year ever!


Me and my brothers on X-Mas Eve
My Mom and I

My Dad and I

Carrying precious cargo!

Some bump and ultrasound pics. I think it's safe to say, I'm showing. I started popping out at 11 weeks... I am going to get pretty big!! :)

Trying on Maternity Clothes at the Gap:

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