Saturday, January 28, 2012

Battle of the Yogis

Yesterday a friend and I went to a huge warehouse sale for our favorite workout clothes, Lululemon. Now, to those of you who know the clothes, you know how awesome they are, but also how the price tag hurts the eyes (and your wallet). So when we heard of this sale, with amazing discounts we were there in a heartbeat, ready to get our workout clothes shopping on!
We arrived and waited in a few long lines, with our credit cards and i.d's in hand, no coats or purses allowed. We entered to the jams of a d.j. and Lulu Lemon employees clad in running tutu's greeting us with a lot more energy then I could feign on a Friday afternoon, I was tempted, but resisted the urge to buy a running tutu myself, as Rhett would probably never run with me again. We started walking up and down the aisles and snatching up some great finds. As I was looking at a pair of yoga pants, some workers wheeled out another rack of clothes, before a thought could even form in my mind, crazed girls on the pursuit of new merchandise swarmed around me, reaching over my head and shoving me aside grabbing at whatever they could get their hands on, I ducked and made my way out, making sure I still had all my hair, okay maybe it wasn't that bad but it still was quite unexpected, and very un-zen-like. Needless to say the next time, that cart came out I stayed clear. Don't mess with a yogi on a mission, apparently.

When I found my friend she said she had to duke it out with a girl that had grabbed a shirt at the same time she had, luckily my friend's teacher eye was all it took, and the other girl decided it wasn't worth the battle. Shopping can be dangerous, and you must be in top shape to compete :) I overall loved the sale, and would recommend it, but you might wanna wear a helmet.



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