Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Parking is A Girl's Best Friend

Growing up in suburban Cincinnati, a good parking spot was when I won the battle with my brother to park in the extra spot in the garage if my mom or dad weren't using it. There were parking lots everywhere, and the only time I ever parallel parked was in my driver's test which incidentally, I had to do twice.
Now that I live in a big city, and have for about 6 and half years now, a good parking spot is a gem, and quite hard to find. When we first moved to Chicago we had a garage spot that was awesome (and quite narrow, my car has the scuff marks to prove it). When we bought our condo 5 years ago, we no longer had parking and the chore of finding a good spot became a constant part of my life. Parking three streets away with groceries, or my laptop bag and teacher tote were to say the least, not my favorite thing in the world.
So you can imagine my delight when I arrived home one day a few days before Christmas to have my husband hand me a small wrapped gift which held inside what has become one of my most prized possessions, a garage opener to my new gated parking spot across the street. I jumped for joy and moved my car in there right away, deeming this one of the best presents I've ever received. Not to say, Rhett didn't give me many wonderful gifts this year, as I sit here and enjoy a hot cup of coffee from my new Keurig Coffee Maker, thanks babe!
To any big city girl, I know you can relate. Shoes are amazing, and diamonds are fabulous, but parking... is a girl's best friend!


  1. Absolutely love this and boy that kid was raised right.....He really knows how to treat a woman !!
    This should go in an Erma Bombeck book......well done kids and glad to see your parking across the street Bailey much better, much safer....and I actually think they may even plow it need be...

  2. Just remember that any body damage you do to your car is not covered by the "bumper to bumper" warranty - Dad