Sunday, March 6, 2011

Life Can Be "Nutty"

 So Friday is my favorite day of the week, well usually. I really could have done without this past Friday to say the least....

 I went into FCI to have my bloodwork and it came back at 999, meaning it only went up 170 points since my last visit. It should have doubled and been around 1,500 or 1,600. The nurse said this doesn't look promising. She also said these numbers can mean a failing pregnancy or it can still mean ectopic. I told her I have been having slight bouts of pinching feelings on one side, nothing severe though. At her advice I am going in tomorrow morning for a scan to see if they can detect anything. If they still can't see anything in the uterus, they will use a special tool to detect where blood flow is going, which will pinpoint where the pregnancy probably is located and then steps will be taken from there. I was digesting all this information on my way home and not really knowing what to make of it. Should I feel pregnant? Should I not? Should I feel angry, sad, scared? It is all very overwhelming.

  My mind still swirling with thoughts of my conversation with the nurse, I open the door to our condo to find Boomer had vomited all over and had chewed up countless plastic bags. He seemed to be feeling guilty more than anything, but as the night wore on he continued to vomit and it became bloody. At that point, Rhett and I knew he had to go to the ER. We knew our lil man was really "under the weather" when we walked in to find a Bernese Mountain Dog in the waiting room and Boomer did not so much as growl or turn his head. Boomer hates big dogs and tries to kill them any chance he gets. The vet did X-rays on Boom and found something suspicious. They sent us home and kept Boomer there to give him an IV and repeat the X-Rays. They called around 1:00 Saturday afternoon and decided that surgery really was  necessary. They went in and extracted wait for it..... A BRAZIL NUT. (hence the title for this post)  For those of you who don't know, that is the really huge one, that is shaped almost like a toe. He had ate it whole. I must have dropped one and he found it somewhere. We went to visit him last night after we saw "The Adjustment Bureau" (highly recommend it) and he was still heavily sedated. But he was wrapped in a blanket and cuddling with a stuffed animal. He looked so sweet. They said he is doing well and should be able to come home today but will have to wear a cone, poor guy! We are going to go visit him soon and check on him, I can't wait to have him back home.

 Thanks for all your comments, texts, and calls. I apologize I haven't really talked to anyone. I haven't really been up for talking, but knowing you are thinking of us, gives us great solace. Have a wonderful Sunday.


  1. That little stinker, Boomer! Maybe he ate that Brazil nut to take your mind off everything else that's going on?! This all must feel like a roller coaster for you and Rhettie. I have been praying for you every night and will continue to do so. Love you guys - Sarah

  2. Bailey,

    I know all this can feel so scary and please know you can reach out to me at any time; if you are not spotting in anyway that is a good can actually get shots of HCG to increase your levels; simply sending you that information so you can maybe inquire on it...i am here for you and will keep praying you both....