Saturday, March 19, 2011

Life Goes On!

 One door has closed and another opened. We went to the doctor this week for the last time in a long while. We had the ultrasound and bloodwork and all looks good. I am officially no longer pregnant. So saying it "looks good" is kind of an ironic statement. When it became clear they we were going to lose the baby I think both of us just wanted the process to be done with. Just sitting and waiting for it to happen was the worst. We both are mourning the loss, but I think we grow stronger and more at terms with it everyday. We know there is a plan for us, and we are ready to stop fighting it and just let life happen.

 Speaking of life... guess who actually has one again? US! The nurse called me on Wednesday and said according to my bloodwork results I should be good to start training for the marathon. So ladies and gentlemen... I'm back! They said Friday would be the first day exercise would be safe so I dusted off my running shoes, laced those puppies up, and away I went. It has been awesome to be back in the game. I feel so amazing after a run and I am so excited to be training for the marathon! Here is my link again if you want to donate and support my cause!
I will also be sending out an email soon with the link! A shout out to Sarah, Rob, and Lucy for already donating! You are going to make some sick children very happy! In other news Rhett and I went out with our friends last night, it seems like it had been forever since we went out, had some adult beverages and let loose with our friends. It was so nice to see everyone and feel their love and support! We of course are saddened by our loss but feel like we are in control of our lives for the first time in a long time and it actually kinda feels amazing.

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  1. We have found your blog so very informative and inspirational. Jan and I are in complete agreement that you and Rhett should write a children's book series. Your writing is simply fantastic and the two of you combined could provide so much insight for small children.

    As you run we are hopeful that you find that "runners peace" and that some very deserving children benefit as well. Please take care of yourself as you begin to train and run because we know only too well how such training shocks, and drains the system and alters your hormonal balance. May the good lord run alongside you as you journey along this path of your life.