Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Waiting Game

 Waiting is something I have never been good at, and when it comes to knowing about what's going on with your pregnancy it's unbearable. We went to the doctor today hoping to see confirmation that the pregnancy is in the uterus where it should be and not in the fallopian tubes, but they couldn't tell either way via ultrasound because they said it is probably too early. They usually don't do a scan until 6 weeks, but because my numbers were so low, they wanted to do a scan early. So now I have to wait another week to go back and have the scan again. The doctor said my lining is very thick which makes him believe the pregnancy is in my uterus, but we can't know for sure until we see it, a "seeing is believing" kind of situation. He also said we aren't giving up, but with my numbers having started out so low, he would be surprised if this was a "good pregnancy" meaning, he doubts a baby will come of it, but is keeping hope. He said in his experience he had one woman with a beginning HCG of 16 go on to have a baby, and mine was at 15.8. So if our precious little one or ones make it, we will be setting a new record for the clinic. I really hope they do. I try to stay positive but am pretty upset today. Hearing those words felt like a dagger in my heart. We've worked so hard for this pregnancy, and I don't want to give up on it, but I also don't want to give out false hope. Please pray for us! There are miracles and I hoping we experience one.


  1. I will be praying for y'all! I am sure this will be a hard week waiting for the next scan. Let us know if there's anything we can do! Love, Sarah

  2. Bailey, I am praying for you. I know it will be agonizing waiting for this next week to pass. I wish the doctor could determine exactly what the issue is and just fix it. All three of my sisters went through this and they ended up having children some in unconventional ways but, the end result was they became parents and I have 5 amazing nephews. You and Rhett deserve to be parents and God will see to that you are. Hang in there. In the darkest hour is when you are closest to an amazing blessing.

  3. I got the uncertain news from yesterday and just wanted to write and let you know that we too are hoping, praying and waiting for better more conclusive news.

    In the meantime I know how draining this can be both physically and emotionally on you individually and together. Don’t let it get you down right now there is still hope, and if over 60 years I have learned anything it is that many, many times it is darkest before the light, that failure more often than not precedes success, at this point we have a cloud but we also have rays of light your numbers have increased, your uterus has thickened, and the embryo has not been rejected. Remember each and every sun shinny day is preceded by the depth of darkness that early, early morning hours bring.

    We always have the right to hope, and we always will have the right to pray so take care of your self’s, take care of one another and be positive in outlook because the/those little miracle(s), seed(s) inside you will thrive better if you can continue to be upbeat. Positive energy is a very powerful thing. Negative energy can be debilitating.

    Whatever path the good Lord chooses for you two know that there is a bigger plan for all of us and you two are so special, that special things are there for you.

  4. I am praying big time for you and know how painful it feels right now but just as you wrote and Bob wrote do not give up hope. Mircles happen everyday and positive energy is powerful. You two have each other so lean on each other and love each other and pray as we all are for good news next week. I am here to talk if you need me! Love you all so so much!

  5. Praying that you get great news next week. Keep believing because miracles do happen. Sending nothing but positive thoughts and energy to you both.