Sunday, October 2, 2011

Newfound Yogi

All my life my preferred form of exercise has been good old, heart pumping, push-to-the limit, sweat-evoking cardio. Whether it was running, taking a spin class, or going on the eliptical at a good speed, I never really felt like I was getting a work-out unless it involved cardio of some kind. However, as I've been doing a lot of reading on infertility, high impact exercise can actually negatively affect your fertility. Walking and yoga are linked to helping fertility much more than any kind of cardio. Upon reading this I decided that I would no longer do cardio (not that I've been to the gym much anyways) and embark upon a yoga journey to help my body be in a restful and healthy state prior to my embryo transfer in late November. My journey started today!

As some of you may have read in previous postings, I am taking a six week "Fertility for Yoga" class at a holistic center for Fertility called, "Pulling Down the Moon". I will be taking it every Sunday for an hour and a half and I had my first class today. I went into the class excited and nervous, not sure what to expect. It exceeded all my expectations. We practiced yoga positions to acheive balance, create space, and increase bloodflow, but most importantly... we shared. We shared our struggles and feelings about our journey with infertility. This was the first time I had really got to hear and give support in a small group setting with other women who have gone through similar situations. All of our stories were very different but the helpless, frustrated, confusing, feelings were not that far off. It made me realize Rhett and I are not alone and so many other people out there are going through just what we are. I admired the courage and strength of the other women and I can't wait to get to know them and the wonderful world of yoga more in the coming weeks!


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