Monday, October 24, 2011

Third Time's a Charm!

Today I had my ultra sound and blood work to see if my hormones have been suppressed from the birth control pill and if it's time to start the shots and.... all looked GREAT! We start our first round of shots tonight and I can't wait to get this ball rolling! I had a great, optimistic feeling in the doctor's office and I texted Rhett and told him this. He said, "Third time's a charm." I think he may be on to something, third IVF and 3 embies? Sounds likes a recipe for success!
Check back often for updates! I go for ultra sound and blood work again next Wednesday! I can't wait for November 22nd! My mom is coming to help take care of me on bedrest and make sure Rhett gets a proper Thanksgiving dinner! I don't think she knows what she signed up for, there may or may not be a dog eared copy of southern living waiting for her upon her arrival! Haha, she's the best!
Have a good night everyone and please keep your amazing thoughts and prayers coming our way!


  1. Here is to.3rd time is.the charm.! I think you are due. Love for.our thanksgivig holiday! Love yu.both.!

  2. It's a great start to a great ending! Looking forward to tackling this challenge with you baby! Thanks for making a good home for the boys/girls!!! Here's to seeing them in less than a year!