Monday, November 7, 2011


This past weekend my mom was in town and we had a great time! We went shopping, ate out, and laughed a lot as we always do when we get together. My mom is my best friend and I cherish our time together so much! I was sad to see her go but happy knowing in two weeks from tomorrow, she'll be here again! As she left I told her, "next time you see me, I'll be pregnant!" She is coming in the night of the transfer and although I won't know the outcome yet, I have good feelings that this is going to work!

My last yoga class was on Sunday and as usual it was wonderful. Yesterday's focus was about finding bliss. It was explained to me by my teacher in a way I had never thought of bliss before. Finding our bliss, our innermost layer, means to be at peace in what's going on in our life. It doesn't always mean that we are at the happiest point in our life, but more at peace and acceptance of what cards we've been dealt and being at harmony with it. As we were doing our poses, the weirdest thought/prayer came to my mind. A prayer of thanks to God was sounding through my head as I moved from downward dog to a forward fold. I thanked God for giving me infertility. Had I not, I would have never met these wonderful women, had grown to know myself better, or grown closer to Rhett. I am at peace now, with my two pregnancy losses and failed IVF. I am at peace with the struggle, the feelings of anxiety, and anger. I now know that this is God's plan and every day, every struggle has helped formed me into the mother I am to be. It's taken three years to get here, but I think I've arrived, I've found my bliss.

Here are some pictures with us and my mom and good family friends, the Truitts! I had a blast shopping with Gina and my mom and dining with the boys at Joe's Stone Crab!


  1. Love it babe! You are beautiful! I love Joe's and I love you!!! Can't wait for the little ones to start growing, this is the time!!!

  2. Great picture of you guys and great post! So happy that the yoga class is going so well. Lucy sends her love to Aunt Bails!

  3. We are so happy that things are going so well. Joe's is a fabulous place and having you two there made the place even that much better on that night. Like you; we are extremely positive that this is the time, that the two of you are so ready to be parents, that what you have endured will only make you even better parents and better mentors for you child(ren). God Bless you both and are so happy you were still able to enjoy the city......the snow will be falling soon and Bails take care of yourself when it does.