Thursday, November 3, 2011

Moving Right Along!

Yesterday I went to FCI for Ultrasound and Blood work and all looked great! They were checking to see if the pill and shots had suppressed my hormones sufficiently. Next stop... estrogen patches and baby aspirin. The estrogen patches increase uterine lining and the baby aspirin can increase blood flow to the ovaries, and can also prevent blood clotting, which can cause miscarriage. I go in next Wednesday for another Ultrasound and blood work to see if my uterine lining is getting thicker! We want a nice thick wall for those lil snow babies to burrow and make a home!
This Sunday is my last Yoga for Fertility Class, but I enrolled in phase 2 and can't wait to continue on this journey. I've gotten to know some really amazing women and learned a lot about myself. A friend at work had a yoga for kids book and we've started doing a few moves a day and the kids love it! Yoga has become such a postive part of my life, I want to share it with others!
I'm getting so excited for the transfer to get here but I'm enjoying the journey up to it. I'm trying to eat as healthy as possible (I really miss my coffee) and being as stress-free as I can. I actually enjoy going to the fertility center for monitoring. Through my several cycles I've gotten to know a lot of wonderful nurses, sonographers, and doctors. Everyone I've met along the way has played an important part in our journey and I'm thankful for their warmth and kindness.
My mom comes this weekend and I can't wait to see her, it's been too long. Happy Almost Friday everyone!

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