Sunday, November 20, 2011

Full of Good Intentions

When everything was going fine and dandy with our cycle, it was so easy to be positive and upbeat. It's the times where things are shaky that it takes a little more effort to find balance within myself and think happy thoughts. As we await our Tuesday Ultrasound to find out if the transfer will occur, it is easy to let the little demon named anxiety rear it's ugly head. With the help of my wonderful husband and other supportive members of my family and friends, I am remaining as positive as I can and thinking and visualizing happy thoughts and results.
I feel so blessed to have come upon the holistic fertility center I go to called, "Pulling Down the Moon." This place has become a second home to me during these trying times. They offer a wealth of fertility services such as acupuncture, yoga, nutrition, massage, and reiki. I have done all services but the reiki (but think it sounds cool!). When I walk in they know my name and the incense, friendly smiles, and soothing music instantly puts me at ease.
This past weekend they held a tree trimming event at Brookfield Zoo where you create an ornament and place your special intention inside. Rhett and I had a blast making these and going to the zoo to hang them. It felt good to release our intention out into the world and know that many others share our hopes and dreams of parenthood as we saw the many other decorated ornaments on the tree. This couldn't have happened at a more perfect time for us. It filled us with hope, joy, and the spirit of Christmas.
I know that I cannot control the fate of this cycle, I can control my attitude. At yoga today I shared our story and feeling the support from the other women was touching. I know I will be devastated if this cycle fails, but I refuse to give up. We will create our own, perfect child in time. It's finding the acceptance that we must wait til it's our time that's tough. Thank you for your continued thoughts and prayers. So many people have reached out and sent heartfelt messages, texts,and calls. Your kindness means more than you know. Please keep praying that Tuesday is the day our wish comes true...

With Love,


Here are some pictures of our ornaments. On one we wrote; "Hope, love, faith, and blessings. The other says, Dreams Really Do Come True."


  1. I love you guys and you and Rhett are two of the most wonderful people on the face of this earth besides myself of course.

  2. Looks like you two had a wonderful day and what a wonderful concept. Just looks a little too cold for these desert dwellers. Your ornaments look great and besides they be speak the season, of hope, cheer, good tidings and happiness. No matter what comes in the next couple of days take heart and take time to reflect on all the blessings that the two of you have shared and continue to share. Also know that their are so many people out here who love you both dearly. You are very special, and when the time is right (which only God above knows) your wishes will become a reality. You are in our thoughts and in our prayers always. Mom and Dad S

  3. Sending lots of prayers up for you guys and the little snowbabes!