Friday, November 18, 2011

Let the Relaxing Begin!

This past week was parent/teacher conference week. For those of you that are teachers, have been teachers, or are close to a teacher know the craziness that is conference week. I had conferences every day after school, which left me feeling very tired each night, but also fulfilled. It is a joy to see parents light up when you say something nice about their child, to see that proud mama or daddy look, when you confirm what they already know, their child is wonderful. I can't wait to someday be on the other side of that conference table and hear praise for our perfect children too.
Now that being said, when 3:40 hit yesterday I am not going to lie and tell you I didn't jump for joy and rush out of school to let Thanksgiving Break begin, because, well, I did! This year we have today and all of next week for Thanksgiving Break (and in some cases, i.e. me, bed rest). The transfer is this Tuesday the 22nd, at around 12:45, but we'll get the exact time on Monday, so I'll be sure to post that info when I know it. I am so looking forward to, as it states in my phone calendar, "the day we get preggers" but in the meantime I have a few days filled with acupuncture, abdominal massage, lunch with a yoga friend today, and if I feel so inclined a little cleaning... don't hold your breath on that last one.. haha.
I laid in bed this morning trying to fall back to sleep from my 5:00 a.m. wake-up call from two furry members of my family that will remain nameless... when I began to think about all I am thankful for this year, my family, friends, job, house, and all the people that have played a role in our infertility journey, I thank you all for being you and supporting us in all aspects of our lives. I just know that next year when I am giving thanks there will be a new member or members of our family that Rhett and I will be especially thankful for!

Happy Friday!



  1. Get the little ones home ready, it's coming quick!!! Love you babe.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving - Preggie Break....we are watching, hoping, praying and talking about an anticipated newbie(s) next year, July/August/Sept should be a special time and one we will be spending in Ill that's for sure...God Bless you both and have a wonderful, blessed and Thanks filled Thanksgiving. Mom & Dad Stenzel