Monday, February 21, 2011

And the verdict is......

 PREGGERS! I got the call today and I had a positive pregnancy test! My HcG level ( the pregnancy hormone) was at a 15.8 and anything over a 5 is considered pregnant. My doctor likes to see at level of 25 or above, so I am a little on the low side right now. Me, being the worry wart I am, was asking the nurse, "Should I worry? Is this okay?" She told me she has seen women with as low as a 5 go on and have a healthy pregnancy, so don't worry. They will be having me come in and get my levels checked every few days to ensure they are doubling (which is a sign of a healthy pregnancy). She said sometimes in frozen transfer, hcg levels are slightly lower. I am not going to focus on the levels though, I am going to revel in the fact that we are PREGNANT! The words we have been dying to hear forever!
 Tonight we will be celebrating by going to our orientation for a food rating program we do. We go to restaurants and are "secret diners" where we rate food and service and get free meals! Can't beat it! So today, on our day of fabulous news, we get to go out and have a free meal! Thanks to everyone for your prayers, there really is power in prayer! Keep them coming that our levels double and that we have a happy, healthy pregnancy! I go get my blood drawn on Wednesday so I will keep you updated!!


  1. Yippee!!1 oh my god I am so excited for you both and for me, Grandma! Thrilled doesn't even begin to explain how I am feeling for you guys! Congrats!

  2. Baily & Rhett-
    Could not be happier for the two of you! Such great, great news.
    Love your blog too!
    Mary Beth

  3. Congratualtions Bailey and Rhett, I will continue my prayers for you all!! I have been praying none stop since your mom shared your blog with us a couple weeks ago!! Miracles do happen I have experienced one myself!! there is nothing better in the world I will continue sending you all lots of prayers and good vibes. as I told your mom when I saw her yesterday I am amzazed at your grace!
    Many Blessings

  4. Yea!!!! from Bob and Jan (Bampa and Grammy). We are so excited. We knew all the prayers,and good thoughts would do it .... with the care and TLC of sweet Lori and Rhett. Thanks you two for your excellent care of Bailey and snowbabies.
    Bailey we love the blog,(Sarah's too). Thank you! Enjoy your dinner out, love, mom and dad

  5. Oh how fantastic! I am so Happy for you guys. Love Ya Aunt Cheryl

  6. I was so happy to hear your news today! Sending lots of happy thoughts & prayers from the Nati! :-)
    Amanda W.

  7. Well this has been a fantastic day and I admire you more and more with each passing moment honey. Your strength during our journey has been been remarkable and awe inspiring to say the least. I see the way you work with your children in the classroom and with how you've sacrificed and brought on large amounts of pain to your little body and am glad this day is finally here!!! You deserve this and will be the best momma for our little ones as I know you will do anything for them (as you've already shown with daily shots, pills and early morning appointments - even on Saturdays!!!). I can't wait to raise our children with you and hope they turn out to be just like you my wonderful wife! I'm so proud of you my little baby maker!!! We did it honey!!! Love you babe, now it's time start taking care of those little ones, what kind of ice cream am I picking up?!?! I can't wait to spoil you rotten...

  8. Bails-

    So happy for you! You'll make a great Mom.

    Vicki Hershberger

  9. Bailey,

    I must say that YES worrying is normal, but as i have told you this is in God's plan... this is what he wants for you, so please place your worries in his hands and enjoy this moment and the next nine months... nothing will go wrong, trust in God and enjoy this amazing blessing... this took for a reason and that is THIS IS YOUR TIME, YOUR BABY AND BLESSING!!!! YAY!!!! Prayers will continue to come your way.... I Love YOU both or shall i say THREE :) xoxoxo