Sunday, February 20, 2011

Special Delivery!

 So, I think I forgot to mention that back when I decided to start this blog I decided that I had to have the care bear's suitcase that is the inspiration for this blog's title back in my possession. Seeing as how the original suitcase I had is now long gone, I went on the search to get the same one I had back then. I searched for a few days and found one on Ebay that is exactly the same as the one I had growing up! So I placed a bid and about a week later.. I won! I was so excited!! My idea is to pack baby or babies first outfit(s) in it to take to the hospital for when they are born! I hope that they enjoy this suitcase as much as I did!

 We had been running some errands yesterday and we came home to find the package had arrived, just in time for our good news tomorrow, perhaps? I was so pumped up and opened it right away, I am very in touch with my inner child! I told Rhett I have another one on the way, that's blue, you know, in case it's twins. He laughed and said he doubts our boy will like care bears, but Rhett didn't get his nickname "Teddy" for nothing!

 Tomorrow is the big day, as it gets closer I am starting to think about it more and more, but am trying to focus my energy else where to not get too anxious about it. We will be sure to let everyone know our (hopefully) wonderful news!!!

Here are some suit case pics:

The boys might think their new siblings are in there...


  1. You are adorable honey! I love how excited you got with this purchase and saw your competitive side in the bidding! I grow more and more in love with you everyday in this journey and glad we can help the little ones look cute with the first gifts they've received. Tomorrow is the big day and I'm confident it's going out in our way!!! Love you Bails!!!

  2. Care Bears boy I haven't seen them in a while. Don't let the boys kid you though they each had one but fortunately or unfortunately they very soon after getting their care bears became far more enamored with balls, bats, mitts, hoops and He Men! So the Bears were relegated from sharing their beds to sitting on a shelf looking down and watching over them. We pray today will be a day filled with Happiness, Joy, expectation and anticipation. We are so looking forward to seeing the two of you, hopefully Thursday night for dinner somewhere out near Oakbrook if possible. Love to all the Family even our furry little ones.