Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

 I feel like a very lucky girl this Valentine's Day. I am at home on my last day of bed rest, and feel very relaxed. My mom and Rhett have taken amazing care of me! My mom leaves in about an hour and I am sad, but know I will see her again soon! I feel very blessed to have my two added Valentine's to take care of too, my lil snow babies. I am working on sending Valentine's love their way and asking them to stick for mommy!

 Bauer showed his love for Valentine's candy today. My mom left some chocolate on the bed for about 3 minutes to come grab a ziplock bag from the kitchen. She returned to find Bauer had ate about 12 pieces of chocolate, which as we know is just fabulous for our furry friends. I called the vet and they told me we were going to have to give the lil guy hydrogen peroxide via syringe (which due to all the shots, I had plenty of!) So with me holding him down, my mom shoved some good old hydrogen peroxide down his throat to induce vomitting. The vet said if it worked, no need to bring him in and thank God it worked, boy did it work! Thank goodness for my awesome mom for cleaning that up, bending and stretching are against doc's orders, so no cleaning for me for a while!! So that was an interesting turn of events today, never a dull moment with Mr. Bauer!

 I hope all of you have a wonderful Valentine's Day! Thanks for all your love, please keep the prayers coming! This time next week, we will know if our lil baby Valentine's made a home in mommy!


  1. Love you honey! Everyday is Valentines day for this guy. I learn more about and from you than anyone in this world and thank the good lord you chose me to be your lifepatner and father to our little ones that are staying warm inside you as I write this! The way you take careful consideration of everything you do to make this happen just reinforces the belief I have in you being a fantastic mother for our future family. I hope you get everything you could ever want this Valentines as you already make everyday special for me! Love you Bails!

  2. Bauer must take after his cousin Henry with his love of chocolate!! Hope you and Rhett had a happy Valentine's! Hope those little babes are getting nice and cozy in their Mama!!

  3. We are so very, very happy that your Valentine's Day went so well, with the exception of Bauer's escapades. We are so very optimistic regarding the little "snow babes". Take care of yourself and know we continue to ask the Good Lord to keep, you and Rhett and the babies in his palm.

    Love You Guys