Sunday, February 13, 2011

Welcome Home!

Well, I'm back! It has been two days since the embryo transfer, and I haven't blogged because I literally have done nothing but lay around, watching movies, and hanging with Rhett, my Mom, and Boomer and Bauer! It has been fantastic so far! I keep rubbing my belly and praying that our lil "snow babies" or "tot-sicles" both nicknames Rhett and I have for our once frozen embies will stick! Here is a little update on the day of the transfer!

Rhett's "welcome home" meal
The cute sign on our table!

My "welcome home" meal
 As you know the embryo transfer was scheduled for 11 on Friday, so Rhett wanted to take me to a nice breakfast beforehand. He took me to one of my favorite vegetarian restaurants ( isn't he great?) and right on our table was this sign that read "life". Ours was the only table that had this and we took it as a great omen! We just had to snap some pictures of our last meal before welcoming our lil snow babies back home! (above)

 After breakfast we headed downtown for our big procedure! We were told to arrive an hour before our appointment, but since I like to be early for everything we were about an hour and a half early! We sat and I started drinking my water bottle because your bladder has to be full for the procedure. We were called back by about 10:20 and they came and did an Ultra Sound, I was told I got the uterine lining of the day award, it was thick and a lovely home for our little snow babies to burrow in. Then the doc came in, showed us our adorable lil embies on the t.v. and in they went! So now we wait... and pray. So far I feel great, minor cramping from time to time, but I read this is usually caused by the uterine walls stretching and making room for baby or babies! I thank you for all the prayers, thoughts, posts, texts, and calls. You all are wonderful! Keep the prayers coming!
Our little "snow babies" Welcome to the fam!

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