Friday, February 25, 2011

Go baby!!!

Our lil one is already making us proud! I went in for bloodwork today and I more than doubled again! The nurse said this is wonderful news and I don't have to come Monday if I don't want to because they are happy with how my levels are proceeding. I decided to still go in Monday just for peace of mind. On Wednesday we get to see the baby or babies for the first time! They said we most likely won't see a heartbeat yet, but I am still stoked to see our precious babe! I keep pinching myself or think at any moment I'll wake up from this incredible dream! I can't wait to meet our angel in nine months and look forward to sharing this adventure with my darling hubby and best friend! He already kisses my belly good night! What a cute dad! This lil one is going to have the best daddy ever!

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  1. So exciting, wow we really wish we could have gotten together Friday night this news would have had us bouncing off the ceiling but we understand that you had plans. Our consolation was that we got to see Lil Lucy Jane and Rob and Sarah for a bit. We're now back in Az. and just ecstatic with your progress next time we/I see you in April things will be even better for you for Daddy Rhett and for Boom Boom (Baby) our little fighter(s?)/competitor(s?) We can hardly wait to hear the news from your Wednesday Doctors visit send pics if you get them....Love to you, to Rhett (Teddy), to baby (babies) and to the boys.....