Thursday, February 10, 2011

Lucky Numbers

 I have always been one to believe in luck, how much I wasn't even aware until a second grader in my class pointed it out to me last week..

 I was sitting with a group of students when I brushed my hand across my face to find the itching nuisance that had been bothering me for the past ten minutes was in fact an eyelash! "Yeah, now I can blow on it and make a wish!" As I thought for a minute and blew it off my finger, a curious second grade girl asked, "So, what did you wish for?" "I can't tell you, or it won't come true", I replied. She looked at me thoughtfully and said, " You know, Mrs. Stenzel, you wish an awful lot. Before I knew you, I thought all you could wish on was shooting stars, but you have taught us we can wish on stars, when it's 11:11 and now eyelashes." I hadn't realized how "wishful" I was until then, but I think there is a lot worse things you can be!

 With that being said, I got the call today.. and tomorrow, February 11, 2011 my transfer will be at.... 11! 2/11/11 at 11? I'll take it! So say special prayer tomorrow for us at 11! I've got a new pair of lucky socks my mom bought me for Christmas (they ask you to wear really warm socks to help with blood flow) and my luckiest charm of all... Rhett! With these two precious items in tow, it can't be anything but fabulous!


  1. Bet you can guess my wish! Love you baby, the big day is almost upon us!!! Get ready for the little ones!!!

  2. Bailey,

    My thoughts and prayers are with you. Alex, Drew, and I said a prayer for you last night. Meredith has the flu so she was sleeping. The boys and I were in agreement when we asked God to bless them with a new baby cousin. Keep the faith!!!

    Love you Aunt Bren

  3. Hoping our prayers and your wishes are answered, Love to you both and rest easy Lil Bails with Lori and Rhett there this weekend you'll be in good hands. All our Love..... Bob/Dad and Mom/Jan