Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Up, Up, Up

So I went in for bloodwork today and my hcg has more than doubled which is great! The nurse said I still need to come in every few days to check levels to make sure they are doubling, but so far so good. She said we should be cautiously optimistic. Forget that, I am just going to be optimistic! Rhett and I are so over-the-moon with this tremendous blessing. We will continue to pray for our precious little one. It gives us great strength to know your prayers are with us too! You all have been such a great support with your prayers, calls, texts, and comments! We love you all! I head back to the doc on Friday, so I will update after with my new (doubled) number!! This baby will be a fighter!!


  1. Great news! Keep on growing, little baby S! So happy for you guys!!!

  2. So happy to hear this! Go, baby, go! ~Amanda

  3. Bailey and Rhett this is splendid news, an answer if you will to many, many prayers and wishes. I/we are so very very happy and pleased. Keep taking care of yourself because Baby(ies)need mommy to be healthy so he/she/they can keep on growing strong.
    We are all smiles here in Az with this news.