Sunday, February 6, 2011

First Entry!

So I am the queen of procrastination and have said endless times to Rhett that I am going to start a blog.. but here we are, I am finally getting around to it and am really excited to start blogging about our long journey with infertility. I guess a big reason why I haven't started it is I thought no one would want to hear about all this stuff, as it is something people just don't really talk about. I know at first I was embarrassed by suffering from infertility, but something I've learned in the past 2 and a half years is that sharing and talking about our journey with friends and family has actually been the only thing that has helped Rhett and I get through this trying time. So a shout out to all of you, love you!
 This blog with help to give you updates on our treatments and I can help educate you on all the new medical terms and medications I am learning about, I guess  I always knew failing Bio in high school would someday come back in haunt me! Now I know more about the science of baby making then I ever really cared to! My inspiration for the blog name actually came from this super cute care bears suitcase I had as a child that said "Getting there is half the fun" I always liked the excitement of a journey, the packing, riding to the airport and checking out the arrivals and departures screen, thinking about all the wonderful destinations there were out there. And you know I have a great feeling that destination baby is just around the corner. If I've learned anything thus far it's that I gotta learn to sit back, buckle up, and enjoy the ride, and say a prayer when it gets a little bumpy...


  1. Love you babe! I'm so proud of you!

  2. Bailey, this is just wonderful and we are so glad you created this outlet for us to follow and be included in this special journey you and Rhett have undertaken.

    Love You and again thank you so very, very much for sharing with us.